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The Catwalk

National Scenic Trail and

Whitewater Picnic Ground

are located 5 miles northeast of Glenwood, NM. The unusual "catwalk" is a 250-foot metal causeway...

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The Catwalk Photographs appear courtesy of

The Glenwood Chamber of CommerceWebsite, Catwalk Page

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All images are copyrighted by Mary Saxton 1998

The Gila Cliff Dwellings

National Monument

is located 44 miles North of Silver City, NM the approximate driving time is 2 hours. The Park is open all year except December 25 and January 1... Read More

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Gila Wilderness

See More Photographs of The Clff Dwellings

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The City of Rocks State Park located midway between Silver City & Deming NM, offers visitors an unordinary visual experience of Rock Formations that have been forming for thousands of years...More or Return To The top Of The Page


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