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The Landowner-Sportsman Cooperator

is published by the Division of Wildlife, Department of Game and Fish with support of fees assessed on the sale of private land hunting licenses. This publication is designed to provide information and to establish a bridge of communication between Department personnel, landowners, sportsmen, and other interested parties. With communication, understanding follows; with understanding, cooperation exists!

Articles appearing in the Cooperator may be reprinted if credit is given to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Please contact Dale Hall for permission to reprint photographs or artwork.

The Landowner Sportsman Cooperator is a free quarterly pub-lication of the Division of Wildlife, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Comments and suggestions are welcome and should be sent to:

Dale Hall

Landowner Relations

Cooperator Division of Wildlife Department of Game and Fish

P.O. Box 25112, Santa Fe, NM 87504- 5112

Write, or call (505)827-7885, to be included on the mailing list.

Meet Your Conservation Officer & Sign-UP System Undergoing Evaluation

Elk Jumps &Balancing Elk Management


The Cooperator is printing a frequently asked question column. This column will answer questions that come from you, the readers, and they will be answered by the Division of Wildlife staff. The second question we will address was received by a responder on the reader survey.

Question — “I have found it difficult to get all the information I want to be a more responsible sportsman…and to learn more about landowner issues.” “Why not get sportsmen involved on special task forces to help with different issues?”

For Landowners Reply — I really appreciate your concern, desire and question. We currently have two “task forces” operating that include sportsmen representatives. One committee (Landowner Signup System Evaluation Committee) is focusing on improving elk management on private lands. The other is a Governor’s committee (Nuisance Wildlife Working Group) to develop solutions to those animals that damage private property, cause a nuisance, or threat to human safety. The idea of these efforts is to bring varied interests together for a collaborative decision making process.


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