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In The Gila Wilderness Area

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  • Alto Lake-Posted portion near the outlet.
  • Big Dry Creek (Catron County)-From Golden Link Cabin upstream through headwaters.
  • Bonito Lake-Posted portion near the outlet.
  • Eagle Nest Lake-The portion within 300 feet of dam, as posted. (North shore approximately 1/4 mile on each side of lodge and cabin as posted is closed to public entry.)
  • Hatcheries-State and federal hatcheries, and all their rearing ponds, raceways or lakes. However, the Glenwood Hatchery brood pond, Burns Canyon Lake at Parkview Hatchery, Red River Hatchery Pond and Ice Pond at Seven Springs Hatchery are open with certain restrictions.
  • Iron Creek-From the barrier upstream, Catron County.
  • Laguna Madre (Maxwell Lakes)-Posted portion within 150 feet of outlet.
  • Little Creek-In Catron County, from the barrier upstream through all tributaries.
  • Main Diamond Creek-Above the confluence of its East Fork, Catron and Sierra counties.
  • Mogollon Creek-East Fork, upstream from Trail Canyon Creek, Grant County.
  • McKenna Creek-In Catron County.
  • McKnight Creek-In Grant County.
  • Sacaton Creek-In Catron County.
  • Sheep Corral Creek-In Grant County.
  • South Diamond Creek and tributaries-In Catron and Sierra counties.
  • Spruce Creek-In Catron County.
  • Stubblefield Lake (Maxwell Lakes)-Posted portion within 150 feet of outlet.
  • Trail Canyon Creek-In Grant County.
  • Woodrow Canyon Creek-In Grant County.
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