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A toll-free hotline is available to anyone who sights a wolf in an inappropriate area.
(888) 459-9653.

Mexican Gray Wolf
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Gray Wolf Description. Wolf Paw Print is actual size. Good reference for Hunters and Outdoorsmen.
approx 209k
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Status of Listed Species and Recovery Plan Development Gray Wolf*
Please Note: Mexican wolves are given an identification number kept in an official studbook, which tracks the history of all known Mexican wolves. Capital letters preceding the number indicate adult animals M=male, F=female. Lower case letters indicate yearlings or pups.

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Hunters should be sure of their target. For more information on the Mexican gray wolf recovery program, contact the Fish and Wildlife Service at 505/248-6656 or 505/248-6664 or the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Pinetop, Arizona, at 520/367-4281. For law enforcement issues, contact your local game warden. To report sightings or incidents, call the 24-hour Mexican Wolf Hotline at 1-888/459-9653.

You may legally:

  • harass a wolf without injuring it, but you must report it within seven days;
  • kill or injure a wolf that is killing, wounding, or biting your cattle, sheep, horses, mules, or burros on your private or tribal land, but you must report it within 24 hours;
  • kill, injure, or harass a wolf in defense of human life, but you must report it within 24 hours.

You may not legally:

  • kill or injure a wolf just because it is near you or your property;
  • kill or injure a wolf that attacks your pet;
  • kill or injure a wolf feeding on dead livestock;
  • enter official closures around occupied release pens, active dens, and rendezvous sites;
  • shoot a wolf because you thought it was a coyote or something else (you are responsible for identifying your target before shooting)
  • attempt to do any of the above actions or solicit someone else to do them.

Violations of the above rules may subject you to prosecution. Criminal penalties may be up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $100,000.

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