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Errors noted in big game hunting booklet
Courtesy of Silver City Daily Press
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The deadline to apply for New Mexico's big game draw hunting licenses is April 21. Applications, rules and information booklets have been distributed around the state and also are available at the Department of Game and Fish Web site

The rules and information booklet went through a ma-jor revision this year with the intent of making it easier to locate information hunters need, according to a department news release.

Several errors appear in the booklet:

Turkey hunters are al-lowed to purchase spring and fall hunting licenses, al-though an item on Page 43 says they cannot;

The antelope man-agement unit map on Page 40 had two units indicated as No. 1. The southernmost of the units should be desig-nated as unit 11;

The cost for a nonres-ident elk license for the hunt designated ELK-1-018 should be $281, not $471;

The cost for hunts ELK-1-076, ELK-1-077 and ELK-1-079 should be $43, not $66;

The nonresident li-cense fee for ELK-2-034 should be $756, not $471; and

The number of appli-cants for ELK-2-011 should be 921, not 121.

Several inaccuracies ap-pear in the deer draw permit map. Units 55A and 55B are reversed. Only the Urraca, Barker and Neblett areas are open to those who receive draw permits for those areas, and not the entire area, as in-dicated on the map.

An arrow pointing to the Zuni Mountains in Unit 10 is missing, as are some unit boundaries.

The McGregor Range deer and antelope hunts listed in the booklet will not be held.

Hunters should not apply for DER-1-115, DER-1-116, DER-1-117, ANT-3-003 or ANT-3-004.

As a final correction, the drawing results hot line number is (877) 366-4868.
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