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I can`t go by a guestbook without a comment.I love Nature.Hi from Canada
Trav <info@travelbcca.com>
Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 20:20:12 (CDT)

The best thing that a person can do with there life is enjoy it! This web site gets better and better each time we log on. The Gila has been here longer than all of us and will remain when we are gone. I'm glad we have such a web site from which to teach our children how to enjoy, love, and respect our wild back country. Keep up the outstanding work.
Raymond Horvath <Raynbell@direcpc.com>
Anthony, New Mexico Dona Ana - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 17:04:33 (CDT)

site gets better everytime keep it up bro
chris massey <meederdnvr@aol>
- Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 19:14:02 (CDT)

Finally hit your website, Robby. Damn good job. Set me up with your friends at Walker Outfitters for elk. That's the area I'll hunt if I'm drawn again. Tell the family Hi. Later.
Felipe &Cynthia Gomez <fcgomez@theriver.com>
Winkleman, AZ USA - Tuesday, June 05, 2001 at 22:48:24 (CDT)

This web site added to my favorites!
Steven Garcia
Silver City, N.M U.S.A. - Monday, June 04, 2001 at 22:46:36 (CDT)

We love the wilderness! And our hometown has the best! Sure do miss NM! But we go back every chance we get.
Isaac & Tanya Apodaca <IsaacTanya@webtv.net>
Morenci, AZ USA - Monday, May 21, 2001 at 00:12:13 (CDT)

The colors of the Southwest are warm and inviting. I plan to walk the trails in the Gila Wilderness soon. I'd love to see a Gila trout, and promise to leave them alone. I've made some pastel paintings of Gila trout from plates I've found on the internet. take care all, Steve
Steve Perreira <steveperreira@yahoo.com>
Hollister, California USA - Friday, May 18, 2001 at 01:57:39 (CDT)

This is the best site ever! It's so wonderful to see my family and home again.
Michele Ryan <micky_leigh@yahoo.com>
Los Angeles, California US - Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 17:57:29 (CDT)

Way to GO!!!!!!
Robert & Marviline Rivera <MarvilineRivera@aol.com>
Albuquerque, New Mexico Bernalillo - Monday, April 30, 2001 at 18:47:44 (CDT)

I made three trips out to the N Bar Ranch, and had the best times of my life. I'm going on 54 and hope to make more trips out there in the future.
Steve Sweet <sacc1stevebrenda@yahoo.com>
New Albany, Indiana USA - Tuesday, April 17, 2001 at 18:41:11 (CDT)

hi I am goign to silver city N.M AND I am looking for a detailed map of gila national forest so I can do some hiking... if there is anyone who can help me I ll very much apprechiate it thanks.

Cree wolfe <gemnimoon@yahoo.com>
Lutz, Florida U.S.A. - Monday, April 16, 2001 at 11:31:38 (CDT)

hi I am goign ti silver city N.M AND I am looking for a detailed map of gila national forest if there is anyone who can help me I ll very much apprechiate it thanks.

Cree wolfe <gemnimoon@yahoo.com>
Lutz, Florida U.S.A. - Monday, April 16, 2001 at 11:31:03 (CDT)

Life time resident of Silver City in the US Army Stationed in Friedberg Germany.
JASON E. JONES <jbnz25@hotmail.com>
Bco,2-37armor cmr453 box 1074, apo ae 09074 Germany - Sunday, April 08, 2001 at 05:06:22 (CDT)

Hi from Italy.
I hope to visit Gila Wilderness very soon.
Bye and thanks for these beautifull web pages!!! :-)

Paolo Gila <paolo.gila@galactica.it>
Caselle Torinese, TO Italy - Monday, April 02, 2001 at 18:13:29 (CDT)
Hi Rob, Frederick showed me you site. It looks good. I thought I would just send you a quick note to let you know! Keep up the good work.
Geraldine Rivera <grivera@zianet.com>
Silver City, NM USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 12:16:46 (CST)

been there--keep it just as it is!
marie werner <theheffer@shellus.com>
Hallettsville, tx usa - Monday, March 20, 2000 at 14:13:14 (CST)

this page is cooler than heck!
Frederick A. Rivera <frivera@zianet.com>
silver city, nm grant - Friday, March 03, 2000 at 14:38:16 (CST)

I like what you have done,keep up the good work.
Mary Sonka <mary@gilanet.com>
Silver City, N.M. USA - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 18:39:46 (CST)

really nice web page!
Pam Thompson <grannyt@uswest.net>
Longmont, Colorado USA - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 08:30:16 (CST)

Keep on the wolf stuff. don't let the fucking ranchers say that the wolf will kill off the herd, that is B.S. the wolf may kill one or two, but it will not damage the herd! they are just greedy old assholes. beside that the wolf will be set in the wilderness and in time take the up their roll in the ecosystem of the wilderness, and if cows get eat'n than becuse thy are easy prey, and not part of the gila's true ecosystem thats to bad for mr.rancher/cowpoke.
Ray Corral <rcorral@lcia.com>
tavares, fl - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 19:42:36 (CST)

Hi Rob do you update this everyday! Just crusing thru!!
Lilia Narvaez <narvaez@psn.net>
PHoenix, AZ USA - Sunday, February 06, 2000 at 22:40:53 (CST)

Hey brother just checking out your page again! looks like its really growing! love ya
Lilia Narvaez <narvaez@psn.net>
PHoenix, AZ USA - Tuesday, January 25, 2000 at 20:13:42 (CST)

Guest of Cindi Narvaez (niece)
Gene Stiles <stiles@strato.net>
Avon Park, FL USA - Monday, December 27, 1999 at 18:03:02 (CST)

I finually made it here! I am getting ready to look around.
Les Imboden <imboden@gilanet.com>
Gila, NM - Friday, December 24, 1999 at 11:20:19 (CST)

Dear Cousin Robert,
This is your cousin from Texas. My grandfather Arthur was here and he was
telling me about you and showing me your website. Very fascinating. I found the
fishing report and the Mary Saxton photographs to be very enlightening. any how i hope
i can stay in touch.
your cousin

Andrew Phillip Narvaez Licon <el_nino27@hotmail.com>
Fort Worth , Texas United States - Monday, December 20, 1999 at 11:41:06 (CST)

Great job Robbie! You are officially a compuer grand geek!
Dyan & Kristani Sheely <narvaez@psn.net>
Glendale, AZ USA - Thursday, December 09, 1999 at 12:53:08 (CST)

Nice Job! Great Name! Wow! Fantastic! You must be a Narvaez!
Lilia Narvaez <narvaez@psn.net>
Glendale, Az - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 00:13:41 (CST)

You have done a wonderful job on this site? Thank You for the little bit of wilderness that you have given to us. :)
Cindy Narvaez <rcak@zianet.co,>
Silver City, NM Grant - Tuesday, December 07, 1999 at 09:37:24 (CST)

Your right, Gila Wilderness is a great name and your web site will be successful. I will be a frequent visitor to your site and keep up the good work.
Joseph F. Narvaez <bigjoe@swmerchants.com>
Silver City, New Mexico USA - Friday, November 12, 1999 at 15:22:15 (CST)